Reddit Nycapartments Reddit NycapartmentsAs someone who only uses their PC for gaming, photo editing and light office work W11 is more than adequate. but yes it does lower your monthly budget quite a bit by getting your housing costs down. My stipend is just $2500 and I need to make ends meet within this budget. So I decided to find a sublet for approximately 2 months …. Advice] How much do people actually pay for apartments?. I am new to NYC and feel dumb, but didn’t realize it until a very nice TaskRabbit informed me and also pointed out lots of electrical issues. It’s not like I can feel the semen ‘shooting’ into me. Apartments for Rent in New York, NY, No Fee Rentals. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [Advice] Lease Break Advice Needed. I do receive a 10% bonus but for all intents and purposes, I am not including that since it is disbursed annually and I am a year out before I am paid that sum. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by DivineNonchalance111. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by Throwaaatchagrl. 6 month Mortgage payment history (we aren't renting, so don't have a reference letter) Credit Report. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [listing] Cozy 3-Bedroom Apartment in the Heart of Williamsburg - Take Over my spot in Lease starting September 1st! Rent $1800 + Utilities - Directly Above Bedford L Stop 🚉. Worth and shot, check out listings project. The person that posted the listing wasn’t even there, it was another lady showing the …. No $20MM penthouses or converted TriBeCa warehouses. It is not true that it will be just annual increases. Besides the point but I have decently significant savings as well. Rock climbing and reading are my two biggest hobbies but I also. Me: I am a steady freelancer and I work from home, coworking spaces, or studios depending. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [Looking for] $1000 1 room, available asap, any borough. You can only obtain this voucher if you’re in a homeless shelter. So overall, we’re saving over $11,000 finding this no-fee apartment. Another time I found the perfect Harlem apartment that was rent stabilized but for tax purposes only available for “low income” residents so it had a cap of $120,000 income for all occupants. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by SUPER_NICE_SQUIRREL. StreetEasy became so popular thanks, in part, to its myriad search options, which allow. More than 28 million federal …. The website shows you all complaints and open violations for the address. Hello everyone, I am a working professional in NYC, looking for a private room / studio in a sublet, sublease, short term lease or month to month. Processing fees are explicitly prohibited in the new law they passed last year and the state released a. If you don’t mind paying more, it’s probably the safest option. Even self prepared but verifiable. They literally have thousands of agents. I work in Chelsea Monday-Friday 9am-8pm and Saturdays 9-5. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by nycmove123. incomes between 40k-and 62k fall through the cracks and you dont qualify for lottery. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by kisner1. In New York, a common benchmark for determining your budget is that your annual salary must be 40x the monthly rent. It only shows that the “free” months are valid for this upcoming. It’s legit but it’s been pretty dead as of late I’ve found. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by Background_Focus5585. 51K subscribers in the NYCapartments community. Very close to several supermarkets (Keyfood, Shopfair, Lincoln Market). 5+ bath apartment relatively soon (sometime in May to September, we’re somewhat flexible). The choice will obviously boil down to either nicer/newer apartments that are further out from the city, but still very commutable areas (Long Island city, Astoria, Williamsburg, park slope, etc) or smaller/older apartments in closer neighborhoods (upper east side, upper west side, midtown east, etc). , under 2k for Brooklyn 1BR) and agency fee appears to be 15% in most cases. Look at the NY Department of Buildings Website and input any potential addresses you are considering. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [advice] Moving to NYC from the Midwest in early 2023 — broker …or life suggestions? Hi there, I started a new job in NYC this past summer and we are officially getting called back to the office in late February. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by DataCraver696. List price was $715k and we put offer of $730k. Also, put down boric acid and diatomaceous earth in all corners of the apartment. Max budget is $3000 for studio or Jr one bedroom. Bank statements from the last 3 months. What is required from you can vary from building to building. It is a typical *too good to be true* sort of thing. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by bushhouse_sux. The voucher is called cityfheps. I recently moved into my apartment and there is no way for me to buzz people in. It’s basement bedroom area with a 1/2 private bath from rent in BROOKLYN/Crown Heights area!. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by thelilbel. The best option would be to work with her to find a replacement that she is happy with who can take over your lease. jackieli852 (@jackieli852). Make sure for each email you send your name, email address associated with the account, and. But I’ll try to get that tonight. StreetEasy is the best because it has most listings and info, but also the worst because things are priced higher, and good apartments attract literally hundreds of applications (especially this summer). From my understanding, it should have switched to rent stabilized when the original (or a family member of the original) rent controlled. Go to NYCapartments r The Reddit Demographic is dropping big bucks on $25 cocktails, $16 pints, $22 bagels and an egg. The voucher pays up to $800 for a room, $1200 for a studio or one bedroom. flexed room in NYC : r/NYCapartments. r/NYCapartments • by [deleted] View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [Advice] For those who apply for an apartment via NYC Housing Connect, what is it like? Greetings everybody, how you all doing? I'm sure you guys are familiar or at least heard of NYC Housing Connect; a program consisting of up-and …. There were multiple signs near the doors to the roof that said you're not allowed on the roof. Real estate is often portrayed as a glamorous profession. So what documents should I have on me when apartment …. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [Advice] $1000 Application deposit? I am applying for a rental apartment and was asked to pay a $1000 application deposit to take the unit off market. The apartment is a large studio located on UWS. This doesn't even factor in the skyrocketing cost of food, general household supplies, and energy. Reddit has been slowly rolling out two-f. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by jjordynwebb7. Listing] Bronx room for rent $1,100 : r/NYCapartments. The landlord decided not to renew the lease unexpectedly, was given. You then have 60 days to accept the lease renewal offer. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [Advice] NYC Housing Lottery Questions + Tips Appreciated. Let me know of any feedback you have. My recommendation is not to pay a penny before you review. 1 room available in a 2 bedroom apt in Pasadena. This person may be eligible for a housing voucher, so I ask thy guy who keeps answering if they accept vouchers. Aside: Even if the building is new, the management co isn’t. They're all sites that brokers pay to advertise on. Designed by Studio Sofield, the amenities and services at 111 West 57th Street will feature the utmost in comfort, convenience, and security. It also sometimes has lists apartment number so you can see if the apartment you are. Generally speaking, facing “south” is considered the best facing direction and some would even argue it deserves a premium. He says next year our lease negotiations will start at $4k, and that if it makes us more comfortable, we can sign a two-year lease, with a price increase to $4,100 for the second year. How to find apt as a student [Advice] I don’t get how college students are able to rent in NYC with the 40x required income or 80x for guarantors. If your score is high, it might move you to the top of the list for a viewing. The lease my landlord had us sign specifically says my apartment is not rent stabilized but I reached out to the city about it and. You won’t pay the broker, the owner pays the broker. Here’s the email I received: Hello, Thank you for your interest in my apartment, it is still available. We were approved for an apartment in NYC, but the broker wants the payment (rent, security deposit, etc. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [Looking for] A Room/Roommates. Honolulu, HI A little unhinged and a lot unfiltered jackiemediateam@gmail. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by TeresaW29. The Agency will charge a broker's fee of 10 percent of a year's rent versus the usual 12 to 15 percent if the apartment is an "open" listing . There are websites you can consult on which neighborhood is the best and the most affordable for you. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [advice] Buying a co-op instead of renting. It will be unfurnished, but I'm happy to sell/give. 44-08 47th Avenue, Woodside, NY, 11377. Reddit">PSA: If you have been charged more than $20 for an. The apartment is located on the ground floor, though street noise …. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [Advice] How Many apartments do you Tour when searching? Wife And I Looking For A New Apartment And I've Toured Like 12 Different Buildings In The Last 3 Days With Plans To Look At 7-10 More Over The Next 2 Days. $9,000: This 2,000-square-foot townhouse duplex on the Cobble Hill border has an especially grand kitchen/dining room in the back, which takes …. Each residential unit is centrally heated and cooled by Co-op City’s independent, self-operated, 40-megawatt tri-generation power plant that kept the lights on in the community during 2012’s Superstorm Sandy when much of the Bronx, …. I know it can be a long process, but I want to make sure I have all the right information so …. Yet, people are renting at a …. Search 23,246 NYC apartments for rent, with photos, floorplans, full addresses, and more. The exact center point of TB is 48th and 2nd, and from there you are a 10 minute walk to Grand Central and a 7 minute walk to Lex/53rd. Me & my friend is looking for a roommate (preferably male) at Mutiara Ville Cyberjaya. Highlights include weekly cleaners, Android TV or Roku, Nest, Sonos, 100Mbps Internet, Cisco Meraki or Ubiquiti APs (with -60dBm coverage or better), free …. Their firm is legit and licensed, but I'm a bit hesitant about the idea of Venmoing. The apartment is a studio in Hamilton Heights. Further more, doing the search on your own will mean you have to do all the work yourself and very likely pay the same fee regardless. Move-in date would be approx Monday 07/31/23 - Sat 09/30/23. So, if you wanted to rent a $2,000 apartment, you would have to make $55,000 with a rental cosigning company, as opposed to $80,000 without one. The rest are fairly uninteresting. I can't speak for the Bronx or Queens but that is going to be nearly impossible for Manhattan/BK. Anyway - I'm wondering if anyone can give me some tips on what to look out for when apartment hunting. advice]Fake email I got for apartment scam. [I'm looking for] a room to rent Under $1,000 I have money saved and will need a spot before lining up my next job. The average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment increased by 4% to $4,250, and the average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment increased by 7% to $4,833. Otherwise, he just moved on to the next apt. Check if any of your lights are burned out or looks dim. Finally, they are very easy to use and are “feature rich”. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. With tax abatement buildings, say a 15 year abatement, it goes up at a schedule, so say year 12, its at 75% of market rate tax. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by portia_portia_portia. Best websites for apartment hunting? : r/Brooklyn. The increase for 2022 was 500 a month, and 700 for this year (I know. They are mostly focused on sales, so you may want to contact somewhere more focused on rentals. Currently in the process of moving from CA to NYC (current employer opening an office in Midtown) and it is a fucking ordeal. org? I replied to some ads on Craigslist and 2 of the ads emailed back with what seems like an automated email, telling me to go to this site to fill out an application. For the most part, talking on the phone to prospective tenants is a waste of their time and they …. I’m not in one of the states Insurent applies to so I was leaning towards The Guarantors but am kind of worried by the scammer stories. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by fey0323. Room is furnished but can be cleared depending on your needs! Thanks!. But you can find nice non-broker places with time and patience. It's in my favorite part of the city, has a fire escape, and the perfect amount of space for a 21-year-old college graduate. Why Is a New York Apartment Still So Hard to Find. Rents are $590 for a studio, to $1,643 for a two-bedroom apartment. Sorry for this annoying comment, but we're very tired of the gatekeepers who can't even correctly gatekeep what this subreddit has always allowed. New York City has a system of rent regulations known as “rent stabilization. Add a picture of your body as an obedient Beta. 2600 security deposit for a 2600 per month rent paid through Zelle. Smaller landlords usually just have a for rent sign on the window. In respect of your anonymity, neck down to knees is acceptable. dk and such, will have a filter for you to look at. It's actually only illegal for the landlord to require advanced rent. My dilemma is that’s all they said. It's on OP to realize if it's a longshot, as management requirements are usually clear. I am looking to get a short sublease for sometime between February and March to do my initial apartment hunting on the ground (posted about earlier today on this sub) but I am wondering if anyone can suggest a reasonable broker to work with — or if you think I need. They called ahead, showed up on time, and. I’m hoping to move in with a good friend who has savings but no job currently. You’ve been approved good luck apartment …. Obviously, I have no desire to click on random websites I know nothing about. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by Suspicious-Cover-613. I have two roommates who’re moving in much earlier than me but my bedroom will be fully empty. It's not an easy time to find an apartment to rent in New York City. Property tax : 5k a year = ~450$ month. I didn’t hesitate and re did the application to send in through URE. Depending on your income it'll cost you between $200 and $1,000 for the year. Rats are so common, they are all over the subways and crawling on trash bags piled up even in the fancy neighborhoods. 1 block from the NY Water Taxi to FiDi. There were clothes drying on the roof pretty much every day. I've seen some nice places around there and lower, so I don't see much need to go past 1. 2Ghz, ASUS GTX 1080, 32GB DDR4 RAM • 9 mo. And on top of that, the place they found us was no-fee. Used to be in Real Estate in NYC, the cheapest 1 bedroom studios I found where way out in Brooklyn for around 1450. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by ZeroDullBitz. Hi, I live with 2 roommates in a rental building, one of roommates has filed a case against the management company since her packages were lost/misplaced by the. Nope, legal habitable room is minimum 80 square feet with the short dimension no less than 8 feet with exceptions. - rent is already nearly too good to be true (1250 for 1BR in Flatbush) - no credit check, offered me the apartment immediately after filling out simple application. I've been avoiding first floor apartments, but I toured one today that misleadingly had 2 in the number but. But if you’re still looking, I’m also still looking and I definitely would not mind rooming with you, no matter Where you’re from. The other rate is the rent stabilized "market" rate that does not apply to you. Meanwhile, you can catch SlipperyWhenWet, Jacques Debauche and the other 212Zoom hosts making appearances in other zoom rooms as special guest co-hosts. Myth #1: “I probably don’t qualify for anything”. Any insurance companies that are known to have that or how I can go about adding that clause to my. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [Looking for] I need a place to stay for 3 months in Manhattan ASAP. From data that we've compiled, listings range from $3,395 in the lower quartile to $5,650 in the upper quartile. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [Advice] Is it normal to rent an apartment without seeing it? I am out of town for the holidays and need to find a place to live by January. , under 2k for Brooklyn 1BR) and agency fee appears to be …. That’s to say, there’s a subreddit for virtually every topic — or you. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [advice] late lease renewal. All landlords are asking for 40x the rent in NYC. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by churningtildeath. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [ADVICE] Contacting Rental Companies for Aug. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [listing] STUDENT DORM HOUSING, LEASE TAKEOVER/sublet. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by AdInternational6840. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by interestingsonnet. Can be anywhere in the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. You can find a small room with roommates for $1,200 in the outer boroughs and scattered around Manhattan (UES for example), nicer rooms or ones downtown are about $1,500, and some luxury rooms may be $2,000, but that’s not what most people are paying to live with roommates. I've been looking for a place so i've been on Streeteasy for a couple of weeks. It's on par with NakedApartments. The most popular are Kips Bay, Gramercy Park, Alphabet City, East Village, and Inwood. At Intern Housing NYC we provide end-to-end housing services to interns of tech startups, financial companies, publishing and advertisement companies, banks and more, as well as to freelancers, remote workers, professionals, students and anyone looking to move to a new city and meet new people. To clarify, it wasn't a hand written "One bedroom for rent" sign or anything. Renting with bad credit or no credit is …. Central Air and heat, all utilities …. It’s basement bedroom area with a 1/2 …. From 2015 - 2018, the preferential rent was lower than the legal regulated rent, and from 2019-2021, it only lists the legal reg. Not happening unless you have a time machine. Go to NYCapartments r Hey all, Not sure if this is the best Reddit to ask on (I've also reached out to some lawyers as well) but I am wondering how you all would approach this situation. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by HWolf94. Security is the same amount or less as first month, brokers fee is usually one months rent, or 15% of annual rent. I have an interesting predicament with my new apartment. I've never lived in first floor before. Max would be around 1000 a month but prefer something around 800 900 ish. $9,000: This 2,000-square-foot townhouse duplex on the Cobble Hill border has an especially grand kitchen/dining room in the back, which takes up the full width of the house (22. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [Advice] Things to watch out for if an apartment has been vacant for a long time during pandemic? Given that many apartments have been vacant in NYC for multiple months, what's something you would …. In a city where renters make up two-thirds of all households, . Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • Posted by able2sv [Advice] Finding apartments places other than StreetEasy. I have a city feps veterans voucher. Usually it’s the fridge that looks like an afterthought but in this case the entire kitchen is the afterthought. I got an email asking for additional documents and then a $500 deposit ($20 for the credit report and the remainder towards the 15% broker fee). We contact the listing agent to go see the house. Whether you’re looking to rent or to buy , find your next NYC apartment on StreetEasy. Previous subleaser had to back-out, so looking for someone ASAP. They also requested a 1000 venmo, which I am now realizing I should have never done, but I was desperate to find housing. After you submit your documents, absolutely set a follow up schedule up until the day you receive a lease. 75-25 153rd St, Queens, NY 11367. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by SceneShoddy8033. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by StudentWorker212. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [Advice] My roommate and I meet the 40x requirement but haven't been chosen as tenants. Buying a place to rent out in NYC is rarely a good move. Is this a red flag? I’m assuming it. 2 full bedrooms and a small flex room, one full bathroom, and a functional kitchen. 19 Dutch is more than a dramatic update to the classic skyline of Lower Manhattan. It's right next to 5th Ave and a bunch of lovely restaurants/stores. I will have a virtual tour tomorrow and after my finances are validated, I should be able. Listing by Remax Edge (1812 Bath Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11214). Get personalized help on your search to avoid shady brokers or fake listings. r/NYCapartments • by Dee_Doodley. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by Commercial-Cat-8737. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [Advice] Lies on the Upper East Side. So let’s break down priorities. SirIanChesterton63 • Ryzen 7 2700X @4. It is unlikely you will find what you are looking for in that price range. These gleaming new rentals — like Kent …. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [Looking for] A room or roommates for 12/1 move-in. Pricey but that’s likely what you’d need to do. I'm looking for a 1br with a washer/dryer in a pet-friendly doorman building and willing to spend a third more than what it cost to. [Looking for] 38 y/o teacher seeking room in shared apartment or roommates to join up and find a lease for 10/1. Typically, your gross annual income should equal 40 times your monthly rent — that’s your rent to income ratio. i just saw an apartment, the current tenant was moving out at the time and I asked her if there was anything I should know and she whispers to me that there’s mice and also. Look at where packages are left and see if there are signs that say your apartment buddies steal them. Current lease ends Nov 1 and wouldn't mind some overlap. Courtesy of NYC’s Inclusionary Housing Program, many new residential buildings offer some affordable units, via housing lotteries. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by legallybumblebee2. Reddit">What's The Best Way To Find An Apartment In NYC? Web. Last Thursday, my landlord randomly knocked on my door and offered me an envelope, telling me that I was getting a 5% rent reduction and that going. It is true that there is not a set vacancy increase % that a landlord can apply now. I’m looking around brooklyn and queens!. The Education Department said miscalculations had caused many borrowers to see higher monthly payments than they actually owed. They also have some of the best “historical” data on rentals. The landlord will receive an incentive of. We tried to have them fix it over 2 weeks ago, and they said they had been doing work on something in the. Hello fellow NYC residents, My partner and I moved into our apartment complex a few months ago, and we've noticed something that's been bothering us. A fullscreen presentation or slide show of reddit. Interested in gaining a new perspective on things? Check out the r/askreddit subreddit! Vote. (25M) Looking for a room close to Bushwick area : r/NYCapartments. Check us out at 212-212-1234 on Zoom! Welcome to the 212Zoom blog. There's only one studio at $1700 listed on Streeteasy for all of Harlem. Student looking for a room. Reddit">Buying Apartment in NYC : r/AskNYC. Looking at the two for myself right now and based on the online reviews, Insurent seems more trustworthy, at least in recent years. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by Igotyoubuddy28. The system was enacted in 1969 when rents were rising sharply in many post-war buildings. The most scummy part is that is that they don't say 'Roomster', because if they did then we would ignore them. 10-15 min walk from the Nostrand 2/3 and A/C. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by Available-Night-4626. Advice] Potential roommate doesn’t want me on the lease. Myth #4: “Applying for the housing lottery is a pain”. Rent control applies where the tenant has been living in the apartment. purchase price- one of the worst places in the country to try to come out ahead. The choice will obviously boil down to either nicer/newer apartments that are further out from the city, but still very commutable areas (Long Island city, Astoria, Williamsburg, park slope, etc) or smaller/older apartments in closer neighborhoods (upper east side, upper west side, …. Then really get serious when you get closer to your move-in fate such as 30 days before. If you need to input information to download then you went to the wrong site. Hello ,i am 23 and my friend is 22 we are two girl with a cat looking for a 2 bedroom apartment in NYC our income are from 1,600 to 1,700 comments sorted by. Looking for] an apartment that accepts FHEPS vouchers. Reddit - NYCApartments; Craigslist New York City; SpareRoom. Take a look inside Donald Trump's opulent Manhattan Penthouse. Roaches are gross but very easily dealt with. I signed a lease with for a 1 bed in an apartment complex in Manhattan that started about 6 weeks ago and moved in 3 weeks ago. Broker here, unfortunately a lot of landlords are being very stubborn on negotiating rent with tenants currently occupying the apartments. On June 14, 2019, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law the Statewide Housing Security and Tenant Protection Act of 2019 (the Act). Best NYC Apartments for Rent Right Now. So true about the shady background part! I’ve been living at a Common property for almost 6 months and have noticed an alarming number of people with violent criminal histories/legal troubles gravitating towards coliving. Living with several people, you’ll probably have to sacrifice some privacy and agree on certain co-living. Studio on up to 5 BR apartments for rent. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Living with multiple people can be challenging when trying to coordinate bathroom availability. Broker fees keep away NYC newcomers: Saddling young people with huge apartment expenses hurts the city. Doesn’t hurt to try to renew asap but if that falls through make sure to be cooperative towards new owner. So the largest landlord has <1% of the market. Some of the locations I've been looking into are Murray Hill, Turtle Bay, Kips Bay, LIC, and Yorkville - anywhere safe and decently close to Midtown. where do I even begin? : r/NYCapartments. Firstly, you should the average rent in NYC online and the neighborhood you want. Looking for] an apartment in Brooklyn, under 1000$. View floor plans, photos, prices and find the perfect rental today. The stunning penthouse apartment is the epitome of elegance and perfection. Or, click for more rental tips. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by anon22334. Contact your landlord ASAP and let them know, and ask them what your options are. Some of the suburbs around here are fairly expensive, although in my opinion the nicest towns here are Tarrytown, Mt. Advice] No roof access? : r/NYCapartments. For detailed information, read HCR Fact Sheet #7: Sublets, Assignments, and Illusory Tenancies. So given the amount of different Facebook groups dedicated to putting up a listing for a roommate I was wondering which groups folks have had the most …. It really depends on the landlord. The total down payment was around $20k. New York’s rent control program applies to residential buildings in certain areas for buildings built before 1947. What to do: To avoid the “too good to be true” scam, research rental prices in the area for the size of unit and amenities you’re looking for. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by Difficult-Librarian6. Rats in NYC get up to the size of a football, so it's hard for them to slip in to your apartment through a hole in the wall. Owning a small business with 5-10mm in revenue can either position you for growth, or if your margins are good, be good enough to just live off the income or sell. I posted on streeteasy, no fee, no application fee, no brokers etc. Hi NYC apartments, I’m in the beginning of a housing search now and have a couple clarifying questions about the financial part of renting. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by Stock-Gene5489. Rule 6: No personal info or personal contact info. The guy renting it out to me says he works for HiveNY. Oh, i tried to try common couple months ago - it was a small br in a 6br house - seemed to be pretty nice, but they took my personal information, and cashed the fee amounts (membership, background check, etc), and never got back to me. Depending on the building type, whether the landlord is also living on the premises, building size, etc. TIL Canada developed the Ross Rifle because the British wouldn't give them Lee-Enfields during the 1899–1902 South African War. However, having requested the history from HCR it looks like the apartment has been registered as rent controlled since (at least) 1984. mentioning that you've visited, saying that you love the place I'll definitely do that. Pigeons make your home, their home. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by pcachero. I met all the criteria and even worked for a place that had a NYC location. When an RS unit is vacant the LL can charge up to the legal rent to the new tenant. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by hackathonto. Welcome home to the best of all worlds. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [Advice] I made a tool to find the best NYC apartment deals from StreetEasy. I am looking for a room or a whole apartment either there or with. Looking for a roommate to apartment search with! 10. New York’s property market is absolutely massive, even the largest landlord only owns a small fraction of it. Not many new listing, a lot of people won’t get back. We analyze our active inventory in real-time to find trends in rent prices across the country. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by RDSne. That’s first month/ last month/ security. NYCapartments on Reddit: Student looking for a room. Open floor plans and expansive windows allow for a flood of natural light and breathtaking views, and interior design features have been carefully selected to echo the gentle flow of the river. It stated that once I am approved and execute the lease the $1000 will be. Back door with access to fenced yard. Designed by architect Enrique Norten, the striking geometry of glass and steel of Mercedes House stands out in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen offering direct access to New York City’s culture, entertainment and fashion worlds on one side and unobstructed views of the Hudson River on the other. 9k members in the NYCapartments community. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by randoran121. If you wait longer than 60 days the landlord can refuse to renew your lease and could move to evict you after the lease expires. I’m moving to the city and have always lived in fully furnished apartments before. 1 bed/1 bath in a 5 floor walk-up in Washington Heights, ~650sqft and dishwasher at $2100. Best temporary bookshelf walls for NYC apartments. It will list any 311 complaints for the building And as a general rule most older buildings in Manhattan will have some bugs/ mice especially walk up buildings. I’m looking for a one bedroom, doorman building, <$3k, but I also have some. We agreed, and will be leaving at the end of July. A place to show off and ogle real New York City apartments. The Trump apartment, decorated in 24K gold and marble, was designed by Angelo Donghia in Louis XIV style. Hi NYCapartments! TLDR: Need accommodation for 2 nights a week for the rest of 2023. He didn’t give us adequate notice of non-renewal, which allowed us to stay in the apartment til 8/31. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by Ninjaboi333. Only 1 tenant has ever been on the lease. Then is just a matter of filling their application online, submitting the supporting paperwork, and. If not I will assume it is a scam because of a $120 upfront fee. 770 feet above the streets of this buzzing neighborhood, the glass clad marvel features a. Luxury Midtown West Apartments NYC. So looking for something now will only drive you crazy. I’ve run into a few situations where I inquire about an apartment only to be told there are several “over asking price offers” but I’m. My site is pretty basic, but it gets the job done. Stabilized apartments will mostly be found in buildings constructed before 1974 with more than 6 units, that have a rent below a certain amount set by the rent guidelines board annually (it's under $2777 now I think). Yet, people are renting at a very fast pace so somebody has money. 76, if a tenant initially moved into the apartment after December 31, 2018 but prior to June 14, 2019. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [advice] is it sus if a building has a lot of empty units available to rent at once? I'm moving to NYC soon, and there is an apartment I'm looking at that is really too good to be true. Housing will be cheaper in the fall and winter, and landlords may be more flexible because the market slows down. Like, any apartments where bizarre crimes occurred?. Thank you! Jersey City has been great, but it’s been radio silence from the people I message, so I’m a bit lost atm. How common are rats/mice/bedbugs/roaches etc in NYC apartments. Loading NSFW Subreddit: r/gonewildaudio/ Home; Reddit; r/gonewildaudio/. advice] consequences of not paying last month of rent. An agent cannot legally tell you to not apply, it'd be against many rules and laws. That way you’ll know if that landlord accepts them (as you stated, some only accept personal guarantors). That is, it is not recommended to spend more than 30% of your annual income on rent (that works out to 40x the monthly rent). [Advice]: My building posted a notice about “No Large Parties” and the super told us that we can’t have more than 2 guests per resident in the building at a time. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [advice] Are those websites where they connect you to a roommate but you have to pay them a commission legal? I am noticing some social media pages that advertise rooms in apartments and don’t publish …. But the market has not been the same so very difficult to predict. My girlfriend rented a bed in a shared bedroom for $350/month in 2019. You can push back on that though should be ok with a certified check too. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by Swerdman55. On Reddit, people shared supposed past-life memories that made them believe reincarnation could be possible. The cheapest renters insurance company in New York is NYCM, according to NerdWallet’s rate analysis. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [ADVICE] Moving to NYC in January, what's the best way to find a roommate and optimize my living situation. I would keep looking Jersey, Staten Island, the Bronx, Upstate anywhere but the expensive parts of NYC. Pros: While StreetEasy is half the website is was just a year ago (see “cons” below), this rental website is still one of the most trafficked rental websites in NYC, getting a lot of eyeballs. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [Advice] Anyone rented with Patoma? I'm about to sign a lease in Ridgewood and our unit is managed by Patoma. So if you go somewhere else, it will just have all the same stuff as streeteasy/cl. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by NugsOrBust. How did you find your "sweet deal" apartment in NYC?. You won't get ripped off if you just use a reputable broker through a big agency. I can tell you more if you are still interested. Peeling off $100 bills and picking up a handful of 1/8ths at the local dispensary. I've stopped doing laundry in the basement when a roach crawled out of one of the washing machines. While the average ejaculate speed is 28 MPH, I cannot feel that against my insides. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [Advice] Couple searching for temp room <30 mins from NYU til ~April 2024 - best way to find this (is it possible)? Hi all, because of our weird circumstance (couple, temp housing only) we are REALLY struggling to find. Hearing sound from your roommates will depend on how soundproof the walls/doors are, how loud your roommates will be, and how sensitive you are to noise. In my experience, the unfortunate reality is that if anyone is going to list an apartment, they're going to do it on streeteasy or Craigslist first, then also use other sites. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by Wannabearock. If they lose the apartment, you owe your two partners their portion of the deposit. Avoid "my dick in a cage" pictures. There’s more to life than what meets the eye. After the war the British urged Canada to switch to the Lee-Enfield but Canada refused. (From a listing at 187 Kent Ave. For example, “Reddit’s stories are created by its users. NYC HOA Fees ??? What In The world. Always be super polite and considerate. There are many exceptions to these rules. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated. Advice] Using Realty websites for apartment hunting?. Hey everyone, I am moving back to New York for a job, and my Salary is $82k. I'm looking to rent a studio apartment for around $2,500/month, but I can stretch my budget a bit and provide a guarantor if needed. This “good faith” deposit is their way into bullying you to lock in the deal before signing anything. Find your NYC apartment while saving money and time. Advice] here's a daily list of cheapest apartments in NYC. I would rent to you in a heartbeat :). Hey! My roommate had to unexpectedly leave the city so take over his lease (Nov 1st-July 1st)Please reach out for. Looking for someone to room with or room rental! (long term). Yeah, I won't tell anyone not to …. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [Advice] How to Close Up 12" / 1' Gap Above Pressurized Walls in Flexed Apartments and Pick a Door. While I like going out, I will probably focus the vast majority of my time at work/WFH, so I rather live in a nice, spacious and modern apartment with amenities and be within walking or short. Yes, I used an excellent broker who was able to show us a bunch of places that fit our exact parameters, alert us of ideal apartments coming on the market before they got listed, and negotiated our rent down. Elevator building about 3 blocks from two different subways. Less than 3 months in my new apartment 1 light fell from the ceiling, and 7+ have burned out. The guarantor is more a supporting applicant to your application. If you’re in Bushwick/Ridgewood, most of the large new developments are built by a few estate groups and managed by two management agencies. Be sure to follow all of the rules in subletting. Thought I could change it but unfortunately Reddit doesn't allow it. If you can have you loan some money and then wait until you are able to generate a bank statement with your new balance, that could work. She was super sweet but things sounded a bit strange when I reached out further about the application process. Tagsyo might have what you're looking for Failed ajax, maybe a bad url? Sorry about that : (, please alert ubershmekel on github. jackieli852 (@jackieli852) on TikTok | 5. r/NYCapartments on Reddit: need advice on how to handle $20 …. I’m paying $2K when market rate should be more like $3-4K. I would think that they will either let you out for a penalty or let you try and find a replacement. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [Advice] Need tips for dealing with Brokers. Figure divide after tax income by 1/4 and that’s your rent budget. The buyer may require that building is delivered vacant and if it’s in the contract, your current landlord will have hands tied. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [Advice] Best Facebook Groups to Find Roommates? Hey all. Hello everyone! My girlfriend and I are both 26 years old. I would wager that any quote you find at that range is a scam trying to pressure you to send a "security deposit" before you …. The apartments are pretty much identical except the layout is flipped, and my new bathroom door doesn’t close as easily with my squatty potty in place. r/NYCapartments on Reddit: Advice: Renting in NYC with a lower …. A website’s welcome message should describe what the website offers its visitors. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by NoticeMeeeeeeeeeeeee. I came across a listing that seems okay from a place called Settle Living. More posts from the NYCapartments community. The broker sent the application and needed documents/dues dues over, including a $20 credit check and $70 processing fee. You don't have to worry about them raising your rent to that level. - careful: some items are listed multiple times. Write a title with basic infos: How old you are, your nearby city, your prefered KH gender, how you want to proceed (in person, by mail, bluetooth lock box, etc. com New York; Perfect Strangers; Rainbow Roommates - Gay; New York Habitat - Short Term; Twitter search: here or here; There are also services that provide in-person meetups to help you find a suitable roommmate: SpeedRoommating. Reddit">How common are rats in NYC, really? : r/AskNYC. Idk but im about ready to jump ship on this city. Only one person has replied to my messages so far, it's Eugene from settle living who also seems to be active on this sub. Some members of senior management, such as CEO Daniel Mishin, may actually be criminals (see comments on Yelp and Google). The preferential rent rate is what you pay. com and most of them are shared rooms. I have inquired about a short-term 1BR/studio option and the agents are very responsive. Once you find the unit you want to apply for, you’ll know which of the top 3 services you’ll use - Insurent, TheGuarantors, or Rhino. Several Redditors mentioned this small but important trick. For further details, see HCR Fact Sheet #9. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by UghIDKMaybe. Hi /nycapartments! I just renewed my lease in a 1BR in Brooklyn a couple months ago, but unfortunately for the past 3-4 weeks the ceiling of my bathroom has been leaking water - specifically from the vents in the ceiling fan. If you don't live out your 30 days, you still need to pay rent for the 30 days. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [Looking for] 1-Bedroom Apartment in Upper East Side. Like when I was in training my senior agent had to run my credit checks for me, and only after she’d reviewed the other parts of the application and deemed that the last price missing was credit check verification of what was already proven. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by ahotassmess25. Reddit">Why Is a New York Apartment Still So Hard to Find. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [Advice] Landlord asking for certified cashier's cheque, but we are Canadian and have no physical US branch to go to. $700 rooms aren't hard at all, but bugger me sideways if you find a $700 studio there or even a room with an attached bathroom for that much. Hey, trying to see if there are any people working in real estate willing to help me with my search for an affordable apartment/room. Most students don’t work enough to make 40x of rent and I’m sure. My lease ends mid April and I don’t want to sign a yearlong lease for a new apartment. As for the other three - extremely common for someone of my income level. Bohemia Realty and their website is A+ if you're looking at uptown manhattan. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by LengthinessForeign83. Rule 8: No changing news titles. Pros: While StreetEasy is half the website is was just a year ago (see “cons” below), this rental website is still one of the most trafficked rental websites in NYC, …. Not the place itself, but if the hallways/lobby are dirty, that is a bad sign that the management is either lazy or unresponsive which could cause issues down the line if you need help with something in your unit. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by Canary85. Rule 9: No link shortening or mobile links. 202 E 13th St, East Village - 2 Bedroom - 2 Bath. it was so dirty when i moved in! food in sink, disgusting bathroom and theyre rusty rotting screws and nails ALL over the walls and doors of the apt that i didn’t notice (the electricity wasnt turned on till i did it so i only saw the apt in the dark w a flashlight) its …. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by larissad99. So to move in it’s First month’s rent - $2,325 Security deposit - $2,325 15% broker’s fee - $4,185. Studio in the East village, 12th & B. Preferred locations are Manhattan, Astoria, Williamsburg, Bushwick, and …. Check out the nicest apartments currently on the market in New York NY. bined make 40x the rent, then you shouldn’t need a guarantor. [looking for] Person to fill my Room Available August 1 in Greenwich Village $1600/month! In-Unit WD and Dishwasher! 1 / 9. We are less than ten minutes from G/J/M trains also. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by unboxedicecream. A budget of $2500-3200 can definitely get a you a one bedroom in NYC. com [advice] I’m looking to rent in nyc and I know as part of requirement is a guarantor. 22M new grad audit accountant looking for 1 roommate for 2 bedrooms in central/lower Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn so long as I can commute to Midtown in 20-30 minutes. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [Advice] Landlord wants to have a video call before deciding if they want me as a tenant? I put in an application for a studio and the agent called me saying the landlord / property management liked my application and they’d like to schedule a 5 min zoom call. I'm planning to visit NYC for a month, and found a handful of posts for short-term rental that are seemingly made by a real person. I found the apartment on streeteasy and went to the open house. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by kimsoonie. Watch the latest video from jackieli852 (@jackieli852). Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by helllloooo123. This will show them you mean business and are prepared to take on the lessening responsibility. 40x monthly rent is a standard requirement in New York City. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by sheerfire96. my common charges have gone up like 5% every 2-3 years, depends on the building. Don't have cats (I'm allergic to long-hair cats), don't smoke inside (cigs or weed). If tenants choose to do so, (5) tenants will not be charged any penalty for amending the end date of the lease term, nor will they be responsible for monthly rent through the end of the original four-year term. I am looking for experiences with June Homes. [Listing] UWS Studio furnished sublet, with the option to Renew/Resign: $2,800/mn UWS (89th and Broadway) for the months of August and September. As of May 2019, I will be graduating Stony Brook University and moving to NYC to . You should just be upfront about your situation when you reach out to places you're interested in and brokers/management companies will work with you (if you are short on time and won't be here in person to view for a while …. Best places to look for sublets? [advice] I am considering moving to nyc in august (which is the worst month to look for apartments as I understand). View pictures, check Zestimates, and get scheduled for a tour of some luxury listings. Separate from any applicable landlord sublet allowance, a prime tenant is permitted to charge up to an additional 10% (at the prime tenant’s discretion) if the unit is fully furnished. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [Advice] What sites are the best for renting a room in NYC? I’m a 20 year old guy currently in a dorm situation for school and am looking to find a room to rent starting at the end of May/beginning of June. It seems to only happen when the upstairs apartment's shower is on, so I have to assume it's dirty bathwater. Suburban Hell, Rural Hell, and wealthy locales are allowed. So I'm starting to reach out to rental companies and individual brokers. Listing] $1100 Apartment in Crown Heights : r/NYCapartments. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by shirtlessheetlessand. We live in a triplex penthouse in the heart of Tribeca right off West Broadway. Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE but I think that depending on the size of the dogs, many NYC apartments would start to get cramped with 2 medium sized dogs (add in significant others, etc. Other areas of the Gaza Strip, such as Khan. Please check out the Lincoln Towers properties for sale. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by gaddnyc. Unfortunately a lot of legit agents will request a cash fee. It’s also an incredibly powerful platfor. Looking in the queens Brooklyn area, anywhere near mass transit. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [Advice] Just found out building I rent from in Astoria doesn’t have Certificate of Occupancy. One that’s genuinely welcoming, warmly livable, highly enviable, and begging to be discovered. We hope to have our zoom room up and running again soon. Tried and tested, VRBO, which stands for Vacation Rental By Owner, has been around since 1996. They also claimed, "in the event of a lease break, the tenant is responsible for paying the brokers fee. But tenants rarely have the ability to vet landlords. I'm new to apartment hunting and am looking at an apartment that I would like to apply for. I've seen Manhattan studios for $1500-1800 on streeteasy but 2BR for the same price in the Bronx. But as with anything on Reddit, it's going to take a lot of pouring through long threads and clicking "see more" buttons to wade through complaints. I’ve been hitting dead end after dead end. Inside the Dakota Apartment Building in New York. 300 sq ft room for rent available August 1st in private house. My budget is $2,500, thanks! Hey I’m 25m Tech worker. Would I be approved for the annual salary requirement?. Somethingggg tells me that the pricing is a little different in NYC, and I’m just struggling to wrap my brain around the overflow of information, particularly with all the articles about falling rent post-COVID. Need advice about walk ups : r/NYCapartments. I literally can’t find one room (shared apartment). The security deposit must be kept by the owner in an interest bearing account in a NYS bank. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by ilovemydogmargo. rent, which amounts to what was previously the preferential rent from the years prior: 2018 RS 05/09/2018. Anything less than that and its a crapshoot and usually hellish unless you get lucky. If you keep to yourself, cool, if you're up for being friends with your roommate, that's cool too. My partner (41M) is a software developer & works from home entirely, but he is originally from the area. We noticed shortly after moving in that there was no hot water in the kitchen sink (probably around 70 degrees). The full address of the apartment is 219 E 12th St, New York, NY 10003. Expect to pay one month's rent if you're getting a cheaper apartment (like $3000/month) or 12-15% of annual rent if …. Try being older and looking for a job lol. Advice] Scam? : r/NYCapartments. If you spend more than that you are considered rent (housing cost) burdened. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by notusso1056. New Yorkers, how much is your rent, where do you live, how. Looking for 3, 6, or 12-month arrangement. It’s easier to get the apartment if you are recommended by someone. Very modern and spacious studio available for lease takeover in Clinton Hill (Brooklyn). View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [advice] Potentially dumb question - do you apply to multiple apartments at a time and hope to get approved or do you apply to your favorite, wait, if rejected move on?. UWS hawk grabs rate out of trash can. seeing a lot of people frustrated with brokers and finding. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [Advice] Should I pay a year’s rent up front? In a scenario where I don’t have another choice, could I pay a year’s worth of rent up front instead of showing 40x income or getting a guarantor?. Paying $2,700 for a two-bed in Astoria, Queens. I lived here the past year with my girlfriend and we just happily resigned our lease however the very next day we were contacted by the housing lottery, turns out we won one and it's too good not to take. Some are OK with a new job that meets 40x (and yes, offer letter is proof of salary) and some are not. I will agree with my fellow redditors sentiment that either you bring up the case with the landlord and see what they say, or take advantage of all the amazing prices being offered literally everywhere in the city. Prices for an installation range from about $1,100 to $3,500. Now these are fewer and fewer these days since with the tech bubble everyone is looking for niche inefficiencies, but you can still find them. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [Advice] Illegal Basement (Cellar) Apartment and Lease. Fees of any kind cannot become a part of the legal or preferential rent and cannot be added to the rent for the purpose of calculating lease renewal increases. During the summer, NYU offers safe, convenient and affordable housing in New York City for both students and interns. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [Advice] Withholding rent in NYC apartment. it says it must be received 60 days prior to leases expiration date (9/30/21). I have been renting a 1 bedroom in a new build apartment since January 2022. For someone looking at $2,500/month apartments, they must earn a minimum of $100,000/year (Read more on StreetEasy ) If you’re roommates or a couple, 40x the rent will mean combined annual salary. 2) member is naive and thinks he is the only one getting it so he clams up not wanting other guys to ask and/or demand it. I'd probably suggest the LES or EV, if you're a typical 20 year old ish person. Made it 6 years ago when I was in college obsessed with the stock market lol. Normal Stuytown apartment living rooms are huge, you were definitely in flex. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by lheoil. hey posted on here about a month ago looking for roommates but stopped actively looking since move out date got pushed. It is located on the 4th floor of the elevator building with laundry in the building. r/NYCapartments Members Online [LISTING] $4415 fort greene luxury 1B/1BA, lease takeover or new lease 11/1 move-in (flexible) - in-unit laundry, pool, etc. So to move in you’ll need about 6,600$. Go to NYCapartments r/NYCapartments • by Caladbolgll. definitely not a fancy set up, six floor walk up, no amenities, no closets (of course) but super clean and updated with good sunlight. You need to paint a picture for the owner that you are reliable in your freelance endeavors. Before coming here I heard about roaches and rats being a problem. That 33% rent increase is 'double the national rate'. I lived right next to the Morton Williams in Turtle Bay and I honestly didn't think the prices were that much worse than whole foods or trader Joe's. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit [Looking For] a place for me & my bf. If you’re looking for place to hang, we suggest 415-664-1599!. 55K subscribers in the NYCapartments community. Every listing shows the name and phone # of the listing agent, so you can call ….